Day 23 of Writing Challenge

Prompt: You are woken up with the sound of scraping against a stone wall.


Where…where am I? I open my eyes wide as I turn my head back and forth trying to mack out objects in the dark. My wrists are held together by some material, and my arms are in pain but feel lifeless at the same time. I try to pull my arms forward since they are held above my head, but there’s no such luck. Taking deep breaths, I try not to panic although this would be an ideal moment to freak out.

The last thing I remembered was locking up the store and heading home. The street seemed quiet as usual, no passing cars, no loud people walking about, I mean the mom and pop coffee house/bookstore was nestled in the middle of a quiet neighborhood instead of some busy downtown road, but the quiet suited the place. I remember walking across the street to my car, and that was it, it’s like my mind went completely blank. I don’t know if I ever made it home, I don’t know if I was home, and I have no clue what time it is or the day. All I know is that my arms are tied up above my head, my feet aren’t too far from the ground because my big toe is grazing the surface, which feels like dirt and rocks, and that I am cold, terribly cold.

Before my mind could asses anything else around me, and my situation, I hear a scraping noise, not loud but almost like scuffling, it sounded similar to the noise that had made me open my eyes.

“Hello, is there anyone in here with me?” Silence greeted me, no one spoke but the scraping sound came again, it sounded like metal on rocks or stones. I stretched my fingers out to try and feel the surface behind me, there was a wall a stonewall, that was a clue…something was scraping against the wall.

“I can hear you scraping against the wall, can you please answer me, where are we, why are we here, and who brought us here?”

“Hush, stop talking you’re going to make those things come back.”

“Can you just answer one of my questions?” I beg, I only want to know where we were and if whoever responded knew anything.

” I don’t know where we are, but they brought you in I’m guessing a couple of days ago. I don’t know what the things are, but they don’t sound like regular people, they talk in some sort of weird language, and they force come by and give us water. That’s all I know, please don’t say anything else, I don’t want them coming back any time soon.”

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