Review: See Me by Michele Arris

See Me by Michele Arris

Release Date: May 2020
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Genre: Multicultural Romance, Interracial Romance, Contemporary Romance
Format: E-book
Length: 299 pages



While the storyline revolved around Trenton and Kennedi I was more drawn to the backstory of Kennedi and her father. So many tears were shed while reading, the constant ups and downs, drama, and the many parties that continued to poke their heads into the storyline kept me hooked.

Kennedi Avery Chase gave me so many frustrating moments, from the immediate jumping to conclusions, to the moments of being closed off, to purposefully choosing not to listen but just be heard. I saw myself wanting to understand Kennedi’s thoughts but also finding myself annoyed that she allowed her friends to constantly persuade her of what she was feeling. We as humans know our wants, and gut instincts, so why continue to allow the negative narrative to be spread? It may not have helped the fact that she would provide information without any backing, and allow small moments to become a big argument. Not saying that Trenton was an angel nor in the right at all times, but the characteristics of the two made this storyline a bit more believable. How many times do we see our friends or ourselves going through the motions of a relationship, where the highs are high and the lows are low but you still hold out for the sake of truly carrying for a person? I was happy to see the growth the Kennedi made, but I felt there could’ve been so much more, I’m hoping to hear about some of it in the next installment.

Trenton…dear old Trenton. I don’t want to say that drama follows him wherever he goes, but sir, every time we turned our heads someone was coming out from his side to shake things up. While many of the situations could’ve been avoided by simply speaking his truth, at times I understood his reservations. Mr. Man needed to mN up and take the plunge all of the way. Yes, he did more than enough to reassure Kennedi and showed her time and time again that he was there for her and not just the sexy times. Should he have been completely open from the beginning, more than likely, but who opens up about their mistakes right away? And once he was ready to have those conversations, life for them kept happening, are these excuses no, but just fruit for thought. In the end, it was nice to see the openness Trenton provided, while he never hid his feelings towards Kennedi he did have to step outside of himself and his situation to think of their future.

Now, let’s talk about the ending…checking my page number and feeling so many things were left to be completed gave me a slight panic. While I’m glad things were wrapped up, I feel like we could’ve used more pages just to have a smoother landing. There could’ve been a whole chapter around the discussion of the baby, and his ex being a complete asshole. I would’ve liked to hear the discussion between the two after the counseling sessions, maybe Trenton could’ve learned something that could help him and Kennedi in the future, or even show his growth in moving past the infidelity. Either way, I would’ve liked to see more insight into these required counseling sessions…at the end of the day, I am nosey.

I am interested to see how the next two installments carry on the relationships that are built and building. I am assuming that the remaining characters are all going to hook up in some way, let’s see how this goes.

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Review: Flight 171 by Amy Christine Parker

Flight 171 by Amy Christine Parker

Release Date: October 2022
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Genre: Horror/Fiction/Thriller/Fantasy/
Form: Audiobook
Length: 7:40:58


Devon Marsh is haunted by secrets. Like the identity of the person who killed her twin sister, Emily, in a hit and run accident last Halloween, which Devon has vowed to uncover. Like the things Devon said to Emily just before she died.

But she’s determined to start fresh when she boards a four-hour flight along with her classmates for their senior class ski trip. Devon never could have guessed those secrets would surface in the most terrifying way when a supernatural creature hijacks their flight and gives the students a deadly ultimatum:

Choose one among them to sacrifice before the end of the flight. Or the plane will crash.

As the clock ticks down, the creature slowly unearths the passengers’ deepest, darkest secrets—and reveals that one of the teens on the plane is responsible for Emily’s death. The students must agree on a sacrifice, or there won’t be any survivors. But can Devon find a way to stop the creature, or will she give in to her anger and let revenge take control?



Reading this two days before I jump on a plane might not have been the smartest move, but I am happy that I picked it up.

The creepy eerie idea that someone has to sacrifice themselves for others, is typical but the way that the students go about making those decisions gives off a Lord of the Flies type of societal stance. While in the beginning, everyone tried to do, “what was right,” it turned into releasing everyone’s secrets upon their peers causing the students to turn on one another in spite, hate, fear, disgust and shock.

While one part of my mind wished the students were capable of admitting their imperfections, while many of the students made poor decisions, a lot of the things done could have been avoided, but because we are viewing young adults (seniors) they took their best approach…to judge and vote amongst themselves despite the high level of emotions rolling throughout the passengers.

Surprisingly, the students reactions are not far from reactions that we’ve seen, whether it be real life or films such as, The Belko Experiment. The human race seems to be too incapable of logical thinking and removing their emotions from situations, would I be able to remove my emotions from the situation?

Isn’t it always frustrating how the evil/dark spirit or person latches onto secrets that we believe are most sacred, and yet had we told the truth a large percentage of reactions and affects could be avoided? The overall concept of truth and lies, murder, love, hate, and destruction that we as humans use to create or protect relationships are always very fragile.

The title, Flight 171 gave me a feeling of being trapped, I could only imagine what these characters were going through emotionally. I do appreciate that the, “game,” took place in an area in which the characters could not run from their problems, this of course got us to the answers we were searching for and in the fashion of many horror books the resolution of the evil.

While the ending seemed to be tidied up answering questions and saving lives, there’s always that last thought…did good really prevail? And there lies the unanswered question…does good really trump evil?

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Review: Carrie by Stephen King

Carrie by Stephen King

Release Date: January 1974
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars


Genre: Horror/Fiction/Thriller/Fantasy/Paranormal
Form: Audiobook
Length: 7:24:12


A modern classic, Carrie introduced a distinctive new voice in American fiction — Stephen King. The story of misunderstood high school girl Carrie White, her extraordinary telekinetic powers, and her violent rampage of revenge, remains one of the most barrier-breaking and shocking novels of all time.

Make a date with terror and live the nightmare that is…Carrie …


I prefer the book to the movie, hands down 100%.

There’s something I find oddly special about this book. While I cringed at the embarrassing and horrific moments that Carrie endured, I was happy to know that this was fiction, but recalling Stephen King’s opening comments brings to light the reality that sometimes people aren’t nice.

Overall, I really enjoyed the storyline. It brought up the vivid images of the onscreen characters, but oh how I wish Hollywood would have created Carrie as the book was written. So many people could have possibly been taught a lesson of some sort, be kind to others, don’t let religion rule your life, there’s life after high school any kind of lesson.

Speaking of the obvious religious dialect and symbolism makes me feel sorry for those who allow religion to fully control their lives. While I am religious, I remember that I am a human and I have the right and capacity to make my own decisions. The level of fear that I felt when Margaret White would use her religious versus to combat anything rational gave me flashbacks to my own experiences and questions. Having a mother so intouch with her her religious beliefs and then forcing them upon her daughter while failing to teach her about her humanity was the downfall of Carrie.

All in all, I enjoyed Carrie and will definitely read again to see what I missed in this review.

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Weekly Wrap-Up April 12th – 18th

This weeks readings were both good and meh…some books that I read, I was presently surprised, and others my hope was crushed…can you figure out which is which?

Daring to Trust the Boss

The magic of the Mediterranean…

When accountant Olivia Prentiss joins Tucker Engle’s company, she’s unceremoniously demoted—to stand in as his PA! However, Tucker’s not in for an easy ride. Olivia’s worked hard to get where she is now, and refuses to bow to her gorgeous boss’s commands—however fearsome his reputation.

But soon Olivia begins to see there is far more to her boss than meets the eye. And on a business trip to Italy, she sees straight through Tucker’s hard and proud exterior to a man with a far more vulnerable edge….

~Goodreads ~

Dangerous Love

Travis Stockwell, a billionaire heartthrob bachelor and respected businessman had found it hard to look at women more than just a bit of fun. That is until he meets Natasha Johnson. She is a smart, headstrong beautiful, hardworking women. He must have her.

It’s kind of hard for that to happen when she doesn’t give him the time of day. Skeptical about men of his status she knows it’s probably best to avoid him.

When finding the woman of your dreams doesn’t go to plan, instead, it brings headache and threats.

What do you do when exes and gang members threaten to destroy you and ruin your life?

~Goodreads ~

Atlantis Rising

Eleven thousand years ago, before the seas swallowed the Atlanteans, Poseidon assigned a few chosen warriors to act as sentinels for humans in the new world. There was only one rule-desiring them was forbidden. But rules were made to be broken…

When she calls…
Riley Dawson is more than a dedicated Virginia Beach social worker. She’s blessed with a mind link that only Atlanteans have been able to access for thousands of years. Being an “empath” may explain her wistful connection to the roiling waves of the ocean, the sanctuary it provides, and the sexual urges that seem to emanate from fathoms below…

He will come.
Conlan, the High Prince of Atlantis, has surfaced on a mission to retrieve Poseidon’s stolen trident. Yet something else has possessed Conlan: the intimate emotions-and desires-of a human. Irresistibly drawn to the uncanny beauty, Conlan soon shares more than his mind. But in the midst of a battle to reclaim Poseidon’s power, how long can a forbidden love last between two different souls from two different worlds?

~Goodreads ~

Planet Facury

An explosion destroys a building in the middle of the city. Women are missing. Aliens have abducted women for testing. Their reality is unbelievable and terrifying. Just as they are about to be transformed, a rescue turns into a romance. One of the women and a prince of a planet fall in love. Their attraction defies the laws that most live by. Humans and aliens falling in forbidden love.

Returning to Earth seemed to be promising and yet it exposed more devastation. Anita has to make the choice of a lifetime. Will she decide to continue to live on her home planet, Earth, and deal with the consequences she doesn’t deserve? Or will she choose the prince of planet Facury and let her heart lead her to dreams becoming reality and a happiness that she couldn’t imagine before. Her choice leads her onto a path of love, happiness, wholeness and a new life.

WARNING: Please note: this standalone short story contains graphic sex and is only intended for adult readers.

~Goodreads ~

Hexes and Oh’s

Rosalind Fletcher is a witch but that’s not her only secret. Her one-of-a-kind wedding cakes are infused with a loving spell that produces long-lasting marriages where the men never stray, the women don’t nag, and none of the blissful couples end up in divorce court.

What happens when a bewitched cake testing falls into the hands of the wrong person? Like her worst enemy and frequent collaborator Ashley Benedict, former NFL player now third generation wedding planner, who accidentally eats a sample meant for his clients? All hormones break loose!

Surrendering to Ashley’s lustful appetites proves far easier than finding an antidote, for the conflicted low country witch with a sweet tooth for the blond tight end.

Can Rosalind alter the bewitching powers of a hundred-year old spell before things get out of hand? Will she let her conscience guide her to a remedy or will her heart lock them both in a sham?

Publisher’s Note: Hexes and Oh’s was previously published in 2009 under the title, Forever, I Do. Although the basic plot has not changed, the story has been expanded by eight thousands words.

~Goodreads ~

LIFT 4 Autism Auction

LIFT 4 Autism Auction!

Bidding is open NOW!

Since 2015, LIFT 4 Autism has raised approximately $140,000 to benefit ASD families. All proceeds go to non-profit organizations serving the autism community. Now more than ever, we as a global community are uniting, even as we stay apart to contain the COVID-19 pandemic. Auction organizers authors Ginger Scott and Kennedy Ryan, along with Kulture City, this year’s charitable partner, wanted to respond to the real needs of autism families during this incredibly challenging time. Kulture City will direct proceeds from the 2020 auction to a scholarship program for autism families struggling during COVID-19.

The online auction features signed paperbacks, hardcovers, full series sets, out-of-print covers, foreign editions, personal one-on-one Skype calls with some of your favorites . . . and MORE, all donated by authors, publishers, bloggers, readers. Just people who wanted to be a part of something to help autism families. In the past, some of our highest bidding items were tickets to sold-out author signings and in-demand book events. Of course, with social distancing, those have all been cancelled. To possibly compensate, several amazing authors, narrators and publishing professionals are auctioning off virtual chats! We’re hoping many readers will be enticed to bid on virtual chats with authors like LJ Shen, Tarryn Fisher, Beverly Jenkins, and Kristen Ashley, to name a few. To chat with all-star narrators like Zachary Webber, Shane East, Erin Mallon and more. Not to mention critiques and video chats with agents and editors. These are just a few items up for bid. We are incredibly grateful for every single item donated.

You can bid here NOW:
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★ Here’s some FAQ about the auction and the bidding process that may prove helpful★

Winning bidders will be emailed with payment instructions.

Weekly Wrap-Up April 5th – 11th, 2020

Good afternoon readers, I am so excited to say I was able to finish 3 of the 4 books I set out to complete this past week! In total, I completed 5 books in total.

Enigmatic and sexy, Professor Gabriel Emerson is a well respected Dante specialist by day, but by night he devotes himself to an uninhibited life of pleasure. He uses his notorious good looks and sophisticated charm to gratify his every whim, but is secretly tortured by his dark past and consumed by the profound belief that he is beyond all hope of redemption.

When the sweet and innocent Julia Mitchell enrolls as his graduate student, his attraction and mysterious connection to her not only jeopardizes his career, but sends him on a journey in which his past and his present collide.

An intriguing and sinful exploration of seduction, forbidden love and redemption, “Gabriel’s Inferno” is a captivating and wildly passionate tale of one man’s escape from his own personal hell as he tries to earn the impossible…forgiveness and love.



Michael Vanderhorst is not your usual vampire. For starters, he works in a library, is in love with Miriam, his hot nerdy human boss who has no clue what he is, and he looks like a college student.

In reality, Michael is an ancient deadly vampire, an ex-assassin, and is currently the de facto king of his kind ever since their ruling party disappeared. To where? He doesn’t know, but if he wants his life back, he’ll have to find out. (Mystery!) Especially because a civil war is brewing, and being king makes his librarian a mark for his enemies. (She is, after all, his biggest weakness.)

With a global uprising about to explode, Michael must give her the protection of his army. Only one problem: She must become his queen first. But every attempt he makes to tell her the truth is met with extreme hostility. “Vampires aren’t real. That’s crazy talk, Michael!” Clearly, the topic frightens her.

With time running out and her life on the line, Michael is left with one option: Marry her. Without her knowing.

Can he pull it off? And what will happen when the fight comes to their door?

~Goodreads ~


A crazy vampire has stolen my librarian. And if that’s not bad enough, it is my fault. Because I, too, am an ancient, deadly vampire, and it was my job to protect her. I failed.

Now, just as I have reason to hope I will get her back, the situation turns into the biggest mystery of my existence.

Apparently, this evil vampire has brainwashed her into thinking she belongs with him. I do not know how. I do not know why. But I will get to the bottom of this and win her back.

Because I am the motherf*!$%ing librarian’s vampire assistant, and she belongs to me. Or, at least she used to?

~Goodreads ~

Philanthropist or Antagonist?

Billionaire, Weston Wilcox, has finally come into the light. Not only is he actively attending more meetings and allowing his face to constantly be photographed beside his bodacious fiancé’s, he’s also opened the door for journalists to take a peak behind the curtain at the man he has become. Despite his seemingly compassionate nature, there are rumors that it is all a facade. Accusations that he is not only using his charitable moments to distract the public from his devilish intentions, but to keep his family secrets buried. Family secrets Weston wasn’t aware he had. However, the public doesn’t want real answers, they want a juicy story. Blogs and media outlets don’t want facts, they want dirty details. Will Weston Wilcox retreat back to the private lifestyle he once loved or will he find a way to adjust to his new life that is now PUBLIC?

~Goodreads ~

White Knight or Dark Tyrant?

Billionaire, Weston Wilcox, is shining brighter than he ever thought possible. His business is expanding. His family is growing. His wife is just as fiery as she’s always been. Everything is seemingly perfect — until the unthinkable happens. Suddenly, a war begins to rage within him. Are his actions conducted out of fear or bravery? If he reels in the reigns too tightly is he being wise or overly cautious? Is he protecting those he loves or holding them hostage? Will Weston Wilcox be able to settle his increasing public problems, or will he destroy his life trying to solve the one that is most Personal?

~Goodreads ~

Nanami Momozono is alone and homeless after her dad skips town to evade his gambling debts and the debt collectors kick her out of her apartment. So when a man she’s just saved from a dog offers her his home, she jumps at the opportunity. But it turns out that his place is a shrine, and Nanami has unwittingly taken over his job as a local deity!

Nanami has all kinds of new responsibilities she doesn’t understand, dangers she’s unaware of, and a cranky ex-familiar who’s…actually pretty hot. What’s a new-fledged godling to do?

~Goodreads ~

Private by Xavier Neal


Private (Private Series #1) by Xavier Neal

Release Date: December 2016

Genre: Multicultural Romance/Romance Suspense

E-book/Audiobook: 326 pages

Purchase:       Amazon         Barnes n Noble

Rating: 5 star rating


Mogul or Monster?

Billionaire Weston Wilcox hasn’t been seen by the outside world in almost a decade. No face to face meetings. No interviews. No social media accounts. Despite his ghost demeanor he continues to financially flourish and make his fellow investors richer with every decision. Throughout the years many have sought to discover the man inside the mogul while others have spread legends painting him as a heartless monster consumed by greed. None of it matters to him. Weston’s true identity is secured away in his estate of solitude, which consists of the only people in the entire world he believes he can trust. That is until he’s asked to allow a guest access to the property under extreme circumstances. One he knows he shouldn’t. It doesn’t take long before his world is turned upside down, unexpected threats arise, and Weston’s forced to ask himself what really should be kept private?



Oh, how I love Wes and hate him at the same time, the same goes for Brynley. These two are a match made in heaven, they seem to be a perfect match for one another personalty. While Wes is withholding himself from the world, Brynley embarrasses all that she can and works her way through the crappy parts of it. The push and pull of their romance set up the storyline nicely, and Brynleys sass is such a breath of fresh air. I love seeing the two main characters grow and push each other to be better versions of themselves while struggling to keep themselves at a comfortable pace. There are so many times were some books will write characters that demand perfection time and time again when they feel it is necessary, but it was nice to see these two function as humanly as possible. Two thumbs up on the character development.

Wes is the significant other that you love because he’s just so darn sweet, but you hate him because he is so darn sweet. Wes has gone through so much in his short-lived life and I understand his need to control and overreact to situations. At times Wes has a controlling manner that in other situations I would be yelling at the love interest to run for the hills, but I also understand that he functions the way that he does because of the mental, physical and emotional trauma that he has endured. Wes’s nature to hide and protect everything that he loves and holds dear to him is a plus and minus in my book. We often want our significant others to care about our well being and hope and wish that they want the best for us, but oftentimes he takes those moments too far. That brings me to the moments where enough was enough and it was time for Wes to man up. He has a tragic past and trust issues, which are understandable, but jumping to conclusions and automatically reacting instead of thinking the event through like he’s done every aspect of his life, no bueno.

Brynley, she has her own special issues, although her sass is a breath of fresh air it is also a lot to take on at times. Because she is so used to letting her mouth control every situation she finds herself running off at the mouth during moments where silence could’ve been more rewarding. Brynley’s outgoing personality is exactly what Wes needs, and vice versa. Brynley is the right amount of push that gets Wes to open up and begin to attempt to live again, all while Brynley is working hard to make something of herself. Brynley seems to have a strong mentality when it comes to life and the tough situations you find yourself in, but we find out that not every action that Brynley takes is a good step. I loved seeing a moment where the female main character was not left alone to fend for herself in the world, thus leading her to be the strong heroine of this book. We more so than not have a female that has no more family and is broken to the point that the significant other is helping her pick up the pieces. And yes, while that main female character might be brave she still reflects on the loss of her family as to why she’s in many situations. Private is a breath of fresh air in the realm of strong female main characters.

Overall I really enjoyed the story, and I couldn’t wait to jump into the second book, Public. I will let you all know how that goes.

Until next time, be sure to Read THS!


Weekly Wrap-Up March 29 – April 4, 2020

Out of the 3 books I set out to complete this week…I completed 1. But, do not fret, I completed 2 more books that I hadn’t planned on reading, what’s new?

Screenshot_20200329-232434_Amazon Kindle.jpg


Oh boy. Great-Uncle Wren’s goofer dust really got me good this time.

When Aras sits in my section at Sadie’s BBQ, I don’t know that he’s a hotshot Australian footballer. All I know is that I’ve got a serious reaction to this player down under. His accent. His rugged good looks. His…uh…well, let’s just say he’s got some skills on and off the field.

I’m not the kind of girl who wears her heart on her sleeve, but Aras is definitely the kind of guy who always offers a woman his coat.

Soon, we threw caution to the wind.
And also our clothes.

Love isn’t supposed to happen this fast. Be this intense.
But Aras is a player who’s looking to score.
And he doesn’t just want me for just one night.
When this MVP falls in love, it’s forever.
And he’s not stopping until he’s given me a ring…and a baby.




Mogul or Monster?

Billionaire Weston Wilcox hasn’t been seen by the outside world in almost a decade. No face to face meetings. No interviews. No social media accounts. Despite his ghost demeanor he continues to financially flourish and make his fellow investors richer with every decision. Throughout the years many have sought to discover the man inside the mogul while others have spread legends painting him as a heartless monster consumed by greed. None of it matters to him. Weston’s true identity is secured away in his estate of solitude, which consists of the only people in the entire world he believes he can trust. That is until he’s asked to allow a guest access to the property under extreme circumstances. One he knows he shouldn’t. It doesn’t take long before his world is turned upside down, unexpected threats arise, and Weston’s forced to ask himself what really should be kept private?




When an unidentified, seemingly healthy young woman collapses suddenly on the New York City subway and dies upon reaching the hospital, her case is an eerie reminder for veteran medical examiner Jack Stapleton of the 1918 flu pandemic. Fearful of a repeat on the one hundredth anniversary of the nightmarish contagion, Jack autopsies the woman within hours of her demise and discovers some striking anomalies: first, that she has had a heart transplant, and second, that, against all odds, her DNA matches that of the transplanted heart.

Although the facts don’t add up to influenza, Jack must race against the clock to identify the woman and determine what kind of virus could wreak such havoc–a task made more urgent when two other victims succumb to a similar rapid death. But nothing makes sense until his investigation leads him into the fascinating realm of CRISPR/CAS9, a gene-editing biotechnology that’s captured the imagination of the medical community. . . and the attention of its most unethical members. Drawn into the dark underbelly of the organ transplant market, Jack will come face-to-face with a megalomaniacal businessman willing to risk human lives in order to conquer a lucrative new frontier in medicine–and if Jack’s not careful, the next life lost might be his own.


Chatting with a Vampire

Title: Chatting with a Vampire by Thayer King

Release Date: October 2019

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Physical Book/E-book/Audio: 83 pages

Purchase Links: Amazon



A stray e-mail introduces Alaya Hendricks to Alexander Hennessey, III. What she thinks will be a fling, turns out to be much more.

From the first, Alex knows that Alaya is his destiny. He’s a vampire. And Alaya is his mate.

PLEASE NOTE: Chatting with a Vampire was previously published in the Just Vamps Anthology. It has been lengthened from its original form.

~Goodreads ~



I really enjoyed this storyline. The book was short and sweet, but what I really enjoyed was how relatable the characters were depicted.

Alexander being a vampire has already lived a good life, but now he wants his mate, only taking what he needs from others he abstains from any other sexual activity until he finds his one truly love and soulmate. King wrote Alexander perfectly, he was the perfect gentleman, and for him to go so far as to abstain from random sex was a nice touch. Often times when you read paranormal romances the paranormal partner is oh so experienced to where the non-paranormal partner is left worrying that they will be enough. Alexander appeared more human when that little detail was thrown in, a true romantic.

Alaya a strong, independent woman is not really up for finding her one true love, and this whole relationship starts with a simple incident. While Alaya’s character alone was good, I was so happy to read that her parents were still alive. There are so many times that you read that the main characters have lost their parents, and now they only have the love of their partner holding them together. It was so refreshing to see Alaya have her parents and her sibling, and have their unconditional love for Alaya enhanced her character.

While I loved the book, I would have liked to have seen some text threads. I even imagined the book written completely in email or text format. Besides the title mentioning, chatting, I didn’t find anything else that bothered me.

Weekly Wrap-Up March 22nd – 28th, 2020

I completed, not 1 or 2…but 6 books this past week!!!



He was one of thirty-one aliens who had landed on this remote world and dispersed among the populace, unidentifiable because of their shape-shifting abilities. Jebaral had hoped for a life. A chance to be free after escaping years of slavery and cruelty. But when he met Hannah Pitt, there was no way he could turn away from her or from the feelings she evoked in him. But neither could he accept her offer of a future filled with laughter and promise. After all, she was human; he was nothing remotely human. Worse, the Arra were out looking for their lost cargo and they wouldn’t stop until every body was accounted for. Could he risk loving this woman? Would she even accept him for what he truly was? Little did he realize that all his choices would soon be taken away.




When Nara Barns and her tiny crew find themselves with a choice between jail or the sex-slave auction block, it’s an easy choice. Especially when they plan to escape their buyers as soon as possible, anyway. Even better, Nara’s buyer wants her for just six days, long enough to get him through his heat until women from his planet can come to his aid.

Six days and then freedom? Sign her up.

However, Nara’s completely unprepared for the impact Captain Cathian Vellar has on her body. To survive his heat, the Tryleskian must feed—and Nara is his favorite meal. Her body can barely withstand the rapture. Soon, her heart is just as engaged. But enduring the pinnacle of Cathian’s heat he could kill Nara, and he refuses to risk her life.



Sold into slavery as a child, Mari was raised on a vessel repair station, growing up to become a highly prized engineer. So she’s surprised when her owner not only grants her freedom, but finds her a paying job aboard The Vorge. Mari’s determined to impress her new captain and crewmates. It’s the only way she’ll remain free, safe from the hands of other slavers. But there seems no impressing Dovis, the ship’s head of security. He’s huge, hairy, scary, and seems to hate humans.

Dovis finds humans weak and annoying at the best of times. They don’t need another one aboard The Vorge. Especially a female who works hard enough to make everyone else look lazy. He wants Mari gone—until he meets her. The tiny human is sweet, shy, timid…beautiful. Now Dovis really wants her gone. He isn’t happy about his attraction to a human. Especially when he can’t be certain Mari’s desire for him is from the heart…or an accident of his own making.



Watching his crewmates fall in love has left York craving a female of his own. That’s how he ends up being matched to a Parri female through a service to find bond mates. He’s excited at the prospect when he arrives on planet Relon. Until he actually meets her.

Betrayed by her government in a bid for alien technology, poverty-stricken human Sara is doomed to be a prince’s sex toy, until she’s rescued on a planet that doesn’t take kindly to slavers. Suddenly free, she’s an outcast on her new home, treated with distrust…by everyone except a gorgeous, kind, huge blue alien. Too bad he’s getting married the next day. His future bond mate is a horrid, abusive woman, and Sara has a way to save them both—she’ll convince York to bond with her instead.



Lilly left Earth seeking adventure, and learning about aliens sounded cool. She just didn’t expect to meet any in person—until her ship is attacked by alien pirates. Now she’s meeting plenty of them. Scary ones who want to do very bad things to her.

Fighting for survival since childhood, Raff Vellar is more intimately familiar with knives and bloodshed than women. Then, during a trip to his home planet, a tiny human literally falls at his feet. When he learns she’s been forced into slavery, a fierce need to protect the human overcomes him. A feeling that quickly turns into a deep need to keep her forever.

Screenshot_20200323-153718_Amazon Kindle.jpg

Two Weeks Notice

That’s it. I quit.
In two weeks, I’m gone.
But my boss is trying to get me to stay…forever.

My boss isn’t a bad guy.
Is he cocky? Sure. Arrogant? You betcha. Powerful? He’s the billionaire CEO of one of the most influential companies in the world. (So…yes.)
But he’s more than just a handsome face with rock-hard abs.
He cares about his company, his employees, and when he’s set his sights on something, he’s unstoppable.
Which is why it’s so hard for me to leave.

My job would be an absolute dream…if my boss would let me do it!
Instead of working for the company, I’m babysitting his son all day.
My boss doesn’t take me or my goals seriously, so it’s time to give him my two weeks notice.

But my boss says he can’t replace me in two weeks.
In fact, he doesn’t think he can replace me…ever.


Currently Reading

Good Morning readers, this week I’d really like to finish some of the books I’ve already begun, and hopefully try to finish a series. Am I setting my expectations too high?!? What books have you all picked up for this week, let me know in the comment section.

Started reading last week.
Started reading this morning.
The series I’d like to finish this week.

Weekly Wrap-Up February 3rd – 9th

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Pride & the Billionaire

He’s impossible. She’s determined. Together, they’re a tragedy waiting to happen.
Lizzie Bennet’s new boss—the impossible William Darcy—is egotistical, rude, and picky. So when he challenges her to acquire the patronage of the mysterious Bilson for their joint venture, she knows better than to accept. Yet she does, telling herself she’s only done so just to prove she can.

The only good thing about Darcy is his friend, George Bingley, and his obvious interest in Lizzie’s older sister and HR specialist, Jane. Unfortunately, the more time Jane and Bingley spend together, the more time Lizzie is forced to spend with Darcy.

When Bingley suddenly drops Jane with no warning, Lizzie thinks he’s being a typical male…until she learns the truth: Darcy is to blame. Now she wants absolutely nothing to do with him. But when Darcy helps her family out of a scandal, Lizzie must decide if her pride is worth her heart.

Fans of romantic retellings of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice will fall in love with Laurie Gene’s Pride & the Billionaire.



Returned to Fire

She sold her soul for earthly beauty, ….and now, it’s time to pay up. After Sionne is murdered, she is transported right to Hell to start her servitude. A little pleading with her demon master earns her a few days back on Earth to find her killer. Only, she has no intention of going back to the fiery pits….
Then her demon master informs her that the instant she finds her killer, the killer will be whisked away to an eternity in the fiery River Styxx, no questions asked. Too bad that Sionne just discovered ‘that person’ is the body she is currently occupying. She still has no clue why or what connection this person has to her, but she is racing against time. That is, if a hot, sexy chaos demon and an irresistible human guy don’t make her forget all about what she’s back in town to do….



Devil in a Suit Books 1-3

He was never supposed to see it.

The email I wrote my friend.

The one where I called him cruel, cold, demanding. Oh, yeah, and hot as hell.

But instead of sending it to my friend, I sent it to him.

My boss.

Jared King, billionaire head of King Advertising. The man everyone calls The King because he’s so controlling, gorgeous, and full of himself.

I answer his phones, and he barely looks at me, except for one word — “Messages?”– as he holds his hand out, his Rolex glinting under the light as he demands what’s his.

The employees all whisper about how bad they want him, and his face is on a different magazine each week, always with a different socialite or actress on his arm.

I’m sure he’ll fire me when he reads the email I accidentally sent him. Jared King is not known for his forgiving nature. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

But to my surprise, he gives me one more chance. The only catch? I have to do everything he says.

Soon his tasks are becoming less work-related. Dirtier. He’s making me take pictures of myself in lingerie, asking me to accompany him to fancy restaurants, making me get down on my knees and…

He knows how to play my body and mind, how to keep me wanting and begging for more of him. But soon I’m starting to worry that my second chance is turning into my worst nightmare.

Because the only thing more torturous than being Jared King’s assistant? Is falling in love with him…


Weekly Wrap-Up March 2nd – 8th

My weekly wrap-up for March 2nd – 8th was interesting, books from different age groups I am really proud of myself.



Half-human and half-Wyr, Pia Giovanni spent her life keeping a low profile among the Wyrkind and avoiding the continuing conflict between them and their Dark Fae enemies. But after being blackmailed into stealing a coin from the hoard of a dragon, Pia finds herself targeted by one of the most powerful—and passionate—of the Elder Races.

As the most feared and respected of the Wyrkind, Dragos Cuelebre cannot believe someone had the audacity to steal from him, much less succeed. And when he catches the thief, Dragos spares her life, claiming her as his own to further explore the desire they’ve ignited in each other.

Pia knows she must repay Dragos for her trespass, but refuses to become his slave—although she cannot deny wanting him, body and soul.




He was the boss from hell. Overbearing, egotistical and rude. He ridiculed everything about me from how I dress, to my hair and even my plus size figure. I hate him. The only thing nice about that man was his outside appearance and damn was it nice to look at, everything else especially his personality was a throw away. Ready to hand in my two weeks notice, there’s a significant shift in his personality. That’s when I see that everything is not as it seems.

She was the employee from hell. Big ass, big legs and big breasts. She was downright sexy and I did everything I could too keep my attraction from showing. It was excruciatingly difficult, but I did it. It was all going so well, until one day she tried to leave me. I couldn’t have that. I needed her there. She was the bright spot in my life. My Angel. My everything. If she thought she could leave me then she had another thing coming, because she has no idea just how vital her presence is. I think it’s time I show her just how important she is to my sanity.

No cliffhanger for original couple.




Viva Durant, New Orleans’ youngest detective, is on a quest to solve a jazzy mystery involving hidden treasure, while exploring the city’s unique culture, history, and music. This family-friendly audio original features original jazz music from the creator, Ashli St. Armant, and an enthusiastic performance from Audible Hall of Fame narrator, Bahni Turpin.

Plucky 14-year-old Viva Durant heads to New Orleans every summer to spend time with her loving but stern grandmother, known as Gram. After Gram reads Viva an article in the local paper about a missing treasure related to the world-famous song, “Miss Mary Mack,” Viva traverses the Crescent City on an epic adventure to solve the mystery. Along the way she meets some of the city’s most colorful characters as her journey takes her to the French Quarter, a jazz club, a creepy cemetery, and even the circus. Can Viva rise to the occasion and solve this musical mystery? Listeners will find Viva Durant and the Secret of the Silver Buttons a joy to listen to!



What books did you finish last week?

Weekly Wrap-Up February 24th – March 1st

Weekly Wrap-up time!

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Who killed Michael Vanderhorst’s maker? It’s a darn good question. But when the trail brings Michael to hellishly sunny Phoenix, Arizona, his biggest problem soon becomes a cute little librarian he can’t seem to stay away from. He’s never met a bigger danger magnet! Even her book cart has it out for her. And is that the drug cartel following her around, too? “Dear God, woman! What have you gotten yourself into?”

Things go from bad to worse when local vampires won’t play nice.

Can this four-hundred-year-old vampire keep his librarian safe and himself out of hot water? Can he bring his maker’s killer to justice? Yesterday, he would’ve said yes. But yesterday, he didn’t have a strange connection with a librarian. Yesterday, people weren’t trying to kill her.


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Michael Vanderhorst has always been a lone wolf. Or lone vampire? Whatever. Point is, this ancient gentleman vampire is obsessed. She’s quirky, a horrible dresser, and the cutest librarian he’s ever seen. The question is, why her? In four hundred years, no one has ever captured his attention like this. He must find out, which is why he just signed on as her new assistant.

The problem is, she has no idea vampires exist or that she’s just broken one of their laws. As the leader of his territory, Michael has been ordered by his council to turn her or kill her. “Over my dead body!”

To overturn the ruling, Michael needs the council on his side, and right now they’re asking him to hunt down and execute five hundred vampires no one can seem to locate. Unfortunately, his assassin days are long over, and he’s not so sure he can go back to killing.

But with Miriam’s life on the line and their unusual bond growing stronger each day, will he dust off the old sword or give her the bite that will make her his forever?




A stray e-mail introduces Alaya Hendricks to Alexander Hennessey, III. What she thinks will be a fling, turns out to be much more.

From the first, Alex knows that Alaya is his destiny. He’s a vampire. And Alaya is his mate.

PLEASE NOTE: Chatting with a Vampire was previously published in the Just Vamps Anthology. It has been lengthened from its original form.