2020 Bookish Goals

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic closing of 2019, and excited about the start of a new year and decade. When I look back on my previous 2019 goals, I realize I honestly did not give 2019 my all aside from accomplishing my reading goal of 100 books. This year, I want to push myself to stay on top of my blogs, something I really love, pushing out more content so that I may share all of the stories I’ve read and hope to read. So here’s to a new year and a start at something even more magnificent!

Bookish 2020 goals;

  • Read 125 books
  • Read 5 physical books
  • Read 1 History Book
  • Read 1 Business Book
  • Read 5 Mystery/Thrillers
  • Complete series previously started
  • Post book reviews every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Complete all books in my reading tab on Goodreads
  • Write reviews on books already completed and post reviews of books completed in 2020.

Wow, now that is a lot that I am trying to keep up with. Luckily I have a planner that I hope will help me in keeping everything straight. One thing I did not mention was that I am really pushing to be more productive by not procrastinating.

Day 26 of Writing Challenge

Prompt: You receive a package that you don’t recall ordering.


I open my front door and find a package sitting on my doorstep right where I was about to walk. Confused I reach down and pick up the bag and set it on the kitchen counter. I didn’t remember ordering anything from Amazon, I’d put myself on a strict no purchasing ban for the next couple of weeks, I was starting to redecorate my house, and I got click happy whenever I logged into my account.

I pull out a pair of scissors from my junk drawer and cut into the flimsy package, it didn’t feel too heavy, but it wasn’t like the big boxes I had been receiving lately. Sticking my hand in the slit I’d just cut, I pull out a bulky box and a sheet of paper. The paper had RULES written on the top, with bullet points below, just glancing at the sheet there had to be about 15 different points. I grabbed the box and pulled out a watch that had a timer on the face of it.

“What is going on?” I ask the empty room, I pick up these “rules,” and begin to read.

Thanks for checking on day 26 of my writing challenge, we are nearing the end, and I must say I am happy with the dedication I’ve put into setting everything up. Until next time, Read THS!

Day 25 of Writing Challenge

Prompt: You are at the end of your book, the last chapter is done, and you can finally breathe easy.

Blurb:  I type out my final two words of my very first novel, The End, and I can’t help but to smile and get a little emotional. I’d finally done it. I finally made my dreams come true and wrote a book, one that I’d been working on for the longest time ever but I’m now done. It is surreal, and I push back from my desk and head towards the kitchen this moment requires a toast, although I’m by myself a little celebration wouldn’t hurt.

I reach the kitchen and pull my favorite red wine out of the fridge, I take out my favorite wine glass that just so happens to hold an entire bottle at a time. I pour my glass and inhale the sweet aroma of the wine as it fills the air around me, and take a large gulp. Walking back into my living room I sit on the couch and pull my feet underneath me sighing and resting my head on the back of the sofa.  Out of nowhere, there’s a blaring noise, I look around trying to find the source but come up empty as I glance around. Getting up from my spot, I walked around my apartment from room to room to see that freaking beeping noise.

Slowly I start to feel all hazy and like I was having an out of body experience. Slowly Everything went black, and I opened my eyes. Confused I sat up and rub the back of my neck where it was sore and stiff as well as my legs, that was tingling from being asleep. As I sit up in my chair, I look at my laptop and see the cursor blinking after the last thing I’d typed, and it wasn’t The End.

Isn’t that frightening, can you imagine finishing your story, or blog post and waking up to find that it was nothing but a dream. The happiness and peace that you felt when you typed out those final words were just a figment of your imagination? I wouldn’t wish such a thing on my worst enemy. Well, thanks for stopping by be sure to leave your thoughts, and your take on finishing up a very important project of yours. Until next time, be sure to Read THS!

Day 23 of Writing Challenge

Prompt: You are woken up with the sound of scraping against a stone wall.


Where…where am I? I open my eyes wide as I turn my head back and forth trying to mack out objects in the dark. My wrists are held together by some material, and my arms are in pain but feel lifeless at the same time. I try to pull my arms forward since they are held above my head, but there’s no such luck. Taking deep breaths, I try not to panic although this would be an ideal moment to freak out.

The last thing I remembered was locking up the store and heading home. The street seemed quiet as usual, no passing cars, no loud people walking about, I mean the mom and pop coffee house/bookstore was nestled in the middle of a quiet neighborhood instead of some busy downtown road, but the quiet suited the place. I remember walking across the street to my car, and that was it, it’s like my mind went completely blank. I don’t know if I ever made it home, I don’t know if I was home, and I have no clue what time it is or the day. All I know is that my arms are tied up above my head, my feet aren’t too far from the ground because my big toe is grazing the surface, which feels like dirt and rocks, and that I am cold, terribly cold.

Before my mind could asses anything else around me, and my situation, I hear a scraping noise, not loud but almost like scuffling, it sounded similar to the noise that had made me open my eyes.

“Hello, is there anyone in here with me?” Silence greeted me, no one spoke but the scraping sound came again, it sounded like metal on rocks or stones. I stretched my fingers out to try and feel the surface behind me, there was a wall a stonewall, that was a clue…something was scraping against the wall.

“I can hear you scraping against the wall, can you please answer me, where are we, why are we here, and who brought us here?”

“Hush, stop talking you’re going to make those things come back.”

“Can you just answer one of my questions?” I beg, I only want to know where we were and if whoever responded knew anything.

” I don’t know where we are, but they brought you in I’m guessing a couple of days ago. I don’t know what the things are, but they don’t sound like regular people, they talk in some sort of weird language, and they force come by and give us water. That’s all I know, please don’t say anything else, I don’t want them coming back any time soon.”

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Day 21 of Writing Challenge

Prompt: Your sibling has been practicing music for hours on end, suddenly there’s a loud crash and then complete silence. 


“Mike, Mike, what are you doing in there?” Silence follows my question, not a groan, shuffling of feet, or a mumble telling me to leave my little brother alone, and that he’s fine. I open the door to find his soprano saxophone on the ground next to his music stand, but I do not see him. I push the door all the way open and walk in to glance around the corner and see his window is open. Odd because he never opens his window, I mean we never have a need to so, I know he never opens it let alone leave it open. Walking over to the window I lean over the edge trying to see the ground, “Mike?” From the street, I hear tires screech I turn and run down the stairs and out the front, “Mike!”

Thanks for stopping by for day 21 of my Writing Challenge, be sure to Read THS!

Day 19 of Writing Challenge

Prompt: You’re driving home from work after a long day, instead of pulling up outside of your house, you wind up in front of an abandoned building.


Listening to my relaxation playlist as I head home from work has my mind at ease, and has my body relaxing. As I listen to H.E.R. soothing melody I find myself getting off the freeway an exit before my normal route, and I find myself meandering through the back roads. As I let the music take over my thoughts and wash out the remaining issues from work, I allow the music to fully take control of my feelings and mood. Before I notice what turns I have made and how far off course I’d gotten, my car stops outside a red-bricked building with boarded up windows. How I had gotten here I had no clue, but the area seemed vaguely familiar, I’m not sure if everyone experienced deja vu like I did, but there was always an eerie feeling when an image was somehow coming back to me like I’d been in that same location and situation before.

How did I wind up here, and why do I feel so calm in this area, I see no car lights anywhere and every other street light is out. I don’t think the city comes around to collect the trash either as all of it is thrown all over the ground forming man-made tumbleweeds. Why am I here?

Have you guys ever done this? Maybe you haven’t ended up in front of an abandoned building but maybe you took a wrong turn, missed your exit or just let your car drive you to an unknown desired destination? I know I have had days like this, I was running on fumes and somehow would miss my exit or end up at the grocery store not really knowing why I’d stopped in the first place.

Well, readers, I hope you enjoyed today’s writing challenge be sure to check back tomorrow.

Day 18 of Writing Challenge

Prompt: You’re a spec of dust on a fan, observing the world from above.

Blurb: Round and round I go, watching the humans sleep is always interesting. They have been tossing and turning back and forth for a while now, I wonder what makes them so restless. Right before bed, the two humans had an argument, Jesse the male and Liz the female were going back and forth about some movie. It didn’t seem like they were really upset, but then again when they laid down they didn’t get all cuddled up like they usually do.

Humans are so strange, making such a fuss about such little things. I bet the can’t get peaceful rest because they both laid down mad, but who knows with these emotional creatures.

This one was a little more difficult to write, thinking of seeing things from a different perspective and looking at others from an above perspective was a little challenging, but very fun. Thanks for stopping by, see you next time be sure to Read THS!

Day 17 of Writing Challenge

Prompt: Your phone rings, your best friends name is on the screen. When you answer the call, an unrecognizable voice breaks the silence.



“Hello, Charlotte.”

“Who, who is this, and where is Adam?”

“I was told you were the person to speak with if Adam was in trouble, and I have stumbled upon Adams phone, and your number is the most recent dialed.”

“First, I need to know who I am talking to if Adam is in any trouble and you are behind it I will hunt you down, and then decide what to do with you.” I have no clue where that came from, but no one messes with my friends. I have known Adam ever since we were 3, he and my parents became good friends, and we grew up together, and if anyone harmed one hair on his head, there would be hell to pay.

“Mrs. Jones, I am detective Thomas, and I need information on the last known whereabouts of your dear friend.”

“It’s Miss. Jones, may I ask what field you are working in detective?” As you may know  from your line of work information is always needed to get a clear understanding of situations, may I have your badge number, and precinct or maybe your captain’s name, some sort of concrete evidence?”

When I first came up with this prompt, I automatically thoughts mystery/thriller. Though I have no experience in writing such a genre, the idea sprang to my mind, and I couldn’t stop my fingers from typing everything out. I hope you enjoyed today’s writing challenge, please fill free to leave your thoughts. Until next time be sure to Read THS!

Day 16 of Writing Challenge

Prompt: A story that would make me afraid of the dark.


Every time I close my eyes I see those creatures. Their slithering bodies quickly moving along the concrete can easily change direction and slither up a wall. There is almost no place to hide, but everything burns.

Thanks for checking out day 16 of my writing challenge. Until next time, Read THS!

Day 15 of Writing Challenge

Prompt: You can predict when an earthquake will hit, but no one will listen to you.


March 23, 3019

Day 6652. It has been 19 years to the day that everything fell back into the dark ages. Many of us have struggled with this new normalcy of life now that almost all of the technology has failed. Luckily lights somewhat work, but all of the big warehoused energy companies are no longer able to thoroughly distribute power to everyone at the same time, so a schedule was set in place. When your time comes, you may use your lights for the specified time frame, but you should work quickly because it doesn’t last long. The little bit of sun we are able to get through the thick smog that hangs above our heads makes it challenging to use the sun for solar power, and we can only use so much fuel to produce the amount of energy we used to take advantage of before it was all stripped away. It seems to be about 7 am, before the earth is thrown back into darkness for the night an earthquake will hit Michigan, I know this because I’ve seen it, flashes, dreams (nightmares are more like it, but I’ve seen the impact it will make and it will be catastrophic.

Day 14 of Writing Challenge

Prompt: You are viewing the world from your dogs perspective. 

Blurb: It’s precisely 4:00 pm and Mark should be home by now. I sit by the door waiting for Mark to come in because I know he has missed me just as much as I’ve missed him. When he comes in, I’m going to give him hugs and kisses, and then we’re going to play and eat and take a nap, my favorite things to do. Although I got a chance to take as many naps as I wanted to today, nothing compares to when Mark is home, and I get to lay on his lap while he rubs me behind my ears.

I hear the car door close and get excited as Mark makes his way to the door. As soon as the door opens, I jump up to say “Hi,” my body wagging back and forth from the excitement that my best friend is finally home.

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Day 13 of Writing Challenge

Prompt: You are left with the decision to pull the plug on your dad.


Oh dad, why would you do this to me? I don’t want this responsibility, I feel as though I am playing God. To pull the plug or not to pull the plug, that’s the question.

The doctors have all said that your brain is damaged beyond repair due to your accident you would always be a vegetable and in need of 24hr care. How could he leave me with this kind of responsibility? He was there for mom in the end, I couldn’t bring myself to even see her in that hospital bed those last couple of days. Anytime I walked in my eyes filled with tears, knowing that my time with my mom was running out, years that I thought we still had were cut short by a drunk driver, and now my father is following her, truly love seems to be a real thing. My dad has been miserable ever since my moms passing, his moods have become so down, and he would sit around looking through their photo album. And now, I am held with the actions to take after my father had given up his fight.

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Day 11 of Writing Challenge

Prompt: It’s your anniversary, and you have $20 to purchase your anniversary gift.

Blurb:  Remembering my account balance and knowing that I still have a couple of bills set up on auto draft, I try to think of what I can get my love for our one year anniversary. I know our first year has been a lot for the both of us, but with work, and paying for school out of pocket it started to get hard to take care of things and try not to put any more pressure on my husband. I can make his favorite dinner tonight, and maybe take him out this weekend. I can grab his favorite beer and set-up the house in a romantic ambiance, I just hate knowing I can’t gift him with something big, something to say, I love you, that I appreciate all that you do, and how thankful I am for you every day. Well with everything continually being posted and talked about online, I see many couples who take these extravagant trips, luxurious gifts, and five-star restaurants.

Taking a calming breath, I smile as a thought crosses my mind. I quick getaway is just what we need, it may not be us leaving the country, or staying at a resort, but I couple of hours on the road to the nearest lake could make this anniversary one of the best weekends. For now, dinner and cheesy gifts will have to do until I can surprise him this Friday with our semi-spontaneous trip.

Thanks for joining me on day 11 of my writing challenge. Until next time, Read THS!

Day 10 of my Writing Challenge

Prompt:  You run a newspaper company, and have to decide which paper to run.


Two stories from two different viewpoints, one will be praised by those running all other media network outlets, and the other will be praised by the rebellion. The truth will set us free, right, but the fact will also hurt so many others.

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Day 9 of my Writing Challenge

Prompt: You’ve just been hired on at your dream job, but all isn’t what it seems.


“Sara, did you hear what I said?” That was my cubicle partner asking yet another question as if she wasn’t in the same meeting as I, she sat there scribbling every note down possible as our manager talked about our monthly quotas.

I first started a year ago, within that time the main glass doors had become a swinging door, one day a new employee would walk in and maybe a month later that employee would walk out. With the number of turnovers we have, I am surprised no one has come to investigate. The CEO couldn’t keep a secretary for nothing, even with an entire floor dedicated to lower leveled staff to do all of the back-breaking paperwork, the secretaries still seemed to be overrun with work. Either quitting or getting fired they all seemed to only last a month.

Snapping back to the present, I saw Sara staring at me while my phone rang. I quickly went to my phone not knowing how long my phone had been ringing while I was blocking out Sara’s questions.

“This is Liz, how may I help you?” I pause as the voice on the other end breaks through, a transfer, a transfer has come requesting that I be moved from the staffing floor to the executive floor as the secretary.

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