Chatting with a Vampire

Title: Chatting with a Vampire by Thayer King

Release Date: October 2019

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Physical Book/E-book/Audio: 83 pages

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A stray e-mail introduces Alaya Hendricks to Alexander Hennessey, III. What she thinks will be a fling, turns out to be much more.

From the first, Alex knows that Alaya is his destiny. He’s a vampire. And Alaya is his mate.

PLEASE NOTE: Chatting with a Vampire was previously published in the Just Vamps Anthology. It has been lengthened from its original form.

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I really enjoyed this storyline. The book was short and sweet, but what I really enjoyed was how relatable the characters were depicted.

Alexander being a vampire has already lived a good life, but now he wants his mate, only taking what he needs from others he abstains from any other sexual activity until he finds his one truly love and soulmate. King wrote Alexander perfectly, he was the perfect gentleman, and for him to go so far as to abstain from random sex was a nice touch. Often times when you read paranormal romances the paranormal partner is oh so experienced to where the non-paranormal partner is left worrying that they will be enough. Alexander appeared more human when that little detail was thrown in, a true romantic.

Alaya a strong, independent woman is not really up for finding her one true love, and this whole relationship starts with a simple incident. While Alaya’s character alone was good, I was so happy to read that her parents were still alive. There are so many times that you read that the main characters have lost their parents, and now they only have the love of their partner holding them together. It was so refreshing to see Alaya have her parents and her sibling, and have their unconditional love for Alaya enhanced her character.

While I loved the book, I would have liked to have seen some text threads. I even imagined the book written completely in email or text format. Besides the title mentioning, chatting, I didn’t find anything else that bothered me.

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