2019 Bookish Goals

Well, Happy New Year everyone! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful closing of 2018, and are excited as I am about getting 2019 off to a great start. For my personal goals this year I’ve set the bar high, but I always say I’m working on my life every day and trying to push for bigger and better things. So here’s to my bookish goals for 2019;

  • Read 100 books
  • Read 10 physical books
  • Read 1 History Book
  • Read 1 Business Book
  • Read 1 book on Writing Novels
  • Keep up with all the books, read or attempting to read on Goodreads
  • Read at least 10 books from my TBR list
  • Participate in 1 read-a-thon
  • Listen to 12 new audiobooks
  • Write reviews on all books read this year, and finish reviews from last year. (This is an apparent difficulty of mine, but here I go attempting to get better.)

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