Dollars Review

Dollars (Dollar Book 2) by Pepper Winter

Published: November 2016, Genre: Dark Romantic Suspense

E-book: 300 pages

Rating: 5 out of 5

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Book two in the Dollar Series continues with our story of Pim and Elder. A story that we might have all seen coming, but excited for non the less. I love these two as a couple, even though they aren’t technically a couple. Winters always figures out how to tug on every emotional string you may have. At moments  you’re feeling the pain Pim has gone through, and the need to be in control of her life and then with Elder you are feeling the loss of those you loved, as well as the need to conquer and fix Pim.

The way everything is written continues to pull you into the book, and keeps you on the edge of your seat as you try to sort through the two characters feelings. You want one another to forget all that they have gone through, but you also see how they need their pasts to help them grow into better people. I am so in love with these two that I can not stop myself from continuing their story, and watching them grow as people. They have both truly captured my heart, and I am excited to bring you the remaining reviews of the series.


    “There comes a point in life where determination supersedes circumstance. Where willpower wins over what should be done.

I’d lived in that point for two years.

…He made it worse. So, so much worse. But then he came back. He stole me. Just in time.” ~Pepper Winters~

If after that little spew you aren’t rushing to download the book, I have no clue what you’ve just read.

P.S. I started reading the series back in 2016, I have been on this journey with Winters for a long time, and I just now felt I was ready to write the reviews for you guys. I own the Kindle versions, as well as the Audiobooks version, and have read, re-read, listened, and re-listened to the entire series on countless occasions, and I fall in love every time. I am glad I have just now found the courage to tell you all about the wondrous tale of Pim and Elder.

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