Graphic Novelist #2 Felicia Henderson

Felicia Henderson has written comic books, worked on television shows, screenwriter, as well as movies.

Teen Titans

Teen Titians

Teen Titans: The Hunt for Raven

The Hunt of Raven

Static Shock Special #1

Static Shock

Graphic Novelist #1 Dwayne McDuffie

Dwayne McDuffie, better known for his comic designs and creations. The creator of the infamous Static Shock from the DC Universe also brought forth Justice League America editions released in 2009, She-Hulk published in 1990, Justice League Unlimited, as well as working on Ben 10 those are just the top names of multiple projects he had his hands in. McDuffie was also one of the masterminds behind Milestone Media founded in 1993 alongside Deny’s Cowna, Derek Dingle and Michael Davis.

Graphic Novels/Comic Books


Static Shock

Static Shock

Justice League America

JL of America

Justice League Unlimited

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Books Brought To You By African Americans


Hey there readers,

This year for Black History Month, I will be posting information a different author every day Monday – Friday of the four full weeks of February.

Posting Schedule:

Week 1 – Graphic Novels

Week 2 – Romance

Week 3 – Paranormal/Fantasy

Week 4 – Thriller/Mystery

Some of you may be surprised by some of the authors that I will be posting, and some may already know about them. But if there are any books or favorite authors that you think goes perfectly with that day’s post, feel free to mention it in the comments. I am so excited to start something new and bring maybe a different look on Black History month until next time readers, be sure to Read THS!