Last Week

Morning TH*S readers, this week is the last week of the year, what book have you picked up for the last week? 

P.s. I have finished one electronic book, two audibooks, and one physical book within the past two weeks. I will be uploading pictures and my reviews. 

P.P.S I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, what did you get this holiday season?

New Read

Update for this week. I have finished Red Queen and will be posting a review soon. I also listened to Grey, and Darker by E.L. James and will be posting my review on those two books as well. 

I just recently started a new book, A People’s History of the United States by Howard Zinn, I will be heavily annotating this book I can’t keep my thoughts to myself on this one.

Have you read my latest read, if so please comment and let me know what you thought. Do you enjoy history, or would you rather run from this crazy place we call earth? Did you ever believe things were as cookie cutter as the approved history books draw them out to be? 

Stay tuned, and make sure the read TH*S

New Week, New Read!

This week I have decided to read, Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard.

Released: 2015
Pages: 385
Sneak Peak:  13 pages of Glass Swords (Chapter 1)
Audio book: Available


Personal Synopsis –
Silvers and Reds, a world where people appear to be human but are in fact different with their supernatural/God like abilities. Those whom bleed silver are the supernatural royalty and those who bleed red are the bottom dwellers, here to serve the Silvers. Mare, a Red finds herself in a situation where she finds out about her ability, throwing her into the Silvers world. 


Calamity Rayne Gets a Life Review

Calamity Rayne Gets a Life by Lydia Michaels

Pages: 382 (Amazon Kindle)

Rating: 5 stars

Rayne Meyers (Calamity Rayne) is a thirty-year-old trying to get her life together, aren’t we all? I thoroughly enjoyed the book, the fact that Rayne looks at her life and all that she has done and realizes that she needs to change the career path that she is currently stuck in, is something a lot of people can easily relate to. Rayne then decides to take a chance and reach out for an interview with the well-known Davenport family as a personal assistant.  Rayne, not being the best at making choices and sticking to them, or filtering what she says, as well as inexperience in the field she does her best to make a good impression on her new boss. The glorious wrench that is thrown into her plans goes by the name of Hale Davenport, yes, the son of her boss.

Hale Davenport is a charming, well educated, and wealthy thirty-year-old, who also just so happens to be the son of Raynes’ boss. Hales’ plans are offset by Calamity Rayne herself, the passion that sparks between the two of them comes on thick right off the bat, but you are given a chance to see what truly lies beneath the heat of their relationship. Hale and Rayne are certainly opposites, but don’t they say opposites attract?

I love the style of writing from Lydia Michaels, I enjoy how she plays on the everyone’s insecurities, but shows their strengths as well. Rayne always expressed situations she wasn’t comfortable with but always put forth the effort when needed. Rayne is someone we can relate to at any age, we all have moments where we don’t feel all to comfortable, Rayne shows just how normal it is. Hale turns out to be the perfect gentleman and while everyone has their own past and issues to work on, Hale takes care of his in an amazing way.

This was given to me as an arc read for an honest review.

I will be reading Calamity Rayne Back Again soon and will be posting a review as soon as I finish the book. I am excited to see what decisions Rayne makes and what path she is led down.

Hump Day!

It’s Hump Day, how far along are you in this week’s read?

I am 33% just around 119/344 pages through Temptation by Ivy Smoak. I have mixed feelings about what I’ve read so far, I like the mysterious steam between Penny and Professor Hunter, but I dont like some of the other choices Penny makes. Professor Hunter seems alluring enough to fall for, and he’s obviously intelligent, but his career is on the line, is it worth it? I also don’t like what a push-over Penny seems to be at times. I am hoping Penny gets better at being in control of her life, and not allow others to push her into doing things she’s really not into. As for the plot, I am waiting for the other shoe to drop…it has to drop at some point. 
Until next time, make sure to read TH*S!

New Reads Mondays

This week I am starting 1 new electronic book, from Amazon Kindle.

Temptation (The Hunted Series Book 1) by Ivy Smoak 

Pages: 353

Audio book: available

Release date: April 8, 2015

Personal Synopsis –

Penny Taylor meets a handsome guy in a coffee shop, after coming off of a bad relationship, Penny finds herself dreaming of the handsome stranger. Penny’s fantasies are soon tainted with a horrible realization that Mr. Handsome is her communications professor, oh what is a girl to do?

My Surprise Purchase.

Good morning TH*S readers, I thought I would share my awesome purchase from yesterday. I was at school while the buy one get one free event was going on, I believe it was being hosted by Scholastic Book Club.
Guys this was the best deal that I have gotten so far, 4 books all for $6.50 you can’t possibly get a better deal, right?
Have you guys gotten any any good deals on books, can you with stand the temptation of purchasing books? Let me know down below, until next make sure to read TH*S.