Weekly Wrap-Up January 20th – 26th

Weekly wrap up time! So on my last update I was able to finish 2 books, this time around I finished 2 DC graphic novels, and will hopefully be catching up on the series soon.


Suspected of murder, [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] find themselves on the run from the super-hospital called Sanctuary —with each thinking the other one is the real killer! It’s up to Batman to solve this heinous crime, but suspicion falls on him when Superman and Wonder Woman ponder just how much Sanctuary’s A.I. is telling them. Meanwhile, [REDACTED] tries to make a shady deal to hide from the Trinity, while [REDACTED] searches out an old friend to help him out of this mess—and only gets deeper in trouble.



The Man of Steel versus…Booster Gold?! Superman finds out the hard way that Booster can be a formidable opponent when his back’s against the wall. Of course, being the prime suspect in a superhero massacre and exposing a secret trauma hospital for metahumans will do just that. Meanwhile, Batman and the Flash combine their detective skills to investigate what went awry at Sanctuary and uncover a serious glitch in the system—not to mention an explosive, spoiler-ific secret!


2020 Bookish Goals

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic closing of 2019, and excited about the start of a new year and decade. When I look back on my previous 2019 goals, I realize I honestly did not give 2019 my all aside from accomplishing my reading goal of 100 books. This year, I want to push myself to stay on top of my blogs, something I really love, pushing out more content so that I may share all of the stories I’ve read and hope to read. So here’s to a new year and a start at something even more magnificent!

Bookish 2020 goals;

  • Read 125 books
  • Read 5 physical books
  • Read 1 History Book
  • Read 1 Business Book
  • Read 5 Mystery/Thrillers
  • Complete series previously started
  • Post book reviews every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Complete all books in my reading tab on Goodreads
  • Write reviews on books already completed and post reviews of books completed in 2020.

Wow, now that is a lot that I am trying to keep up with. Luckily I have a planner that I hope will help me in keeping everything straight. One thing I did not mention was that I am really pushing to be more productive by not procrastinating.


Physical books vs. E-Books

One of the most asked questions in the book community, physical books, or e-books?

Personally, I enjoy both, there is nothing like picking up a physical book and having that book smell when you turn the pages, falling further and further into a word of wonder. When the first Kindle came out, I was against reading on the little device, I felt that it was pointless to have a small tablet that looked like a book, without turning its pages. I thought that the books being electronic took away from the experience of reading, it turns out I just don’t like when people try to force me to change my ways. 

Since the start of the electronic book era, I have been sucked into the automatic access to all the books I could ever dream of. Now, I read almost all of my books on my Kindle or using my Kindle app on my phone. It is so easy to open up the app than to load all of the books I’m currently reading into my bag, having to pull them out and be interrupted while reading.

Although I find myself reading e-books, any time I come across a book that I really enjoyed, I try to support that author as much as I can by purchasing the books audiobook if available and buying the physical books to put up on my shelves. Now, don’t think just because I enjoy reading my books on my Kindle that I don’t still walk bookstores touching every book possible. I always enjoy doing some window shopping, which usually results in me purchasing books that I want to read, and those books end up on my shelf continually begging to be read.

I will have to put together a book haul for you guys. Although most of my hauls are done on my phone via free downloads from Bookbub, Book Funnel, and many other newsletters and sources with affordable books, I feel like I owe you guys some tips and tricks into finding new authors and falling in love with all of the book deals.

Well gang, until next time be sure to Read THS!

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone,

I wanted to come in later in the evening to try and wrap up Thanksgiving day. I was thinking of starting with a history lesson, but as adults, I think we all know what really went down. With that being said, I hope everyone who celebrates this time with family and friends enjoyed their day. I hope you are all fat full, as much as I am.

Happy Thanksgiving

Getting to Know Me

Happy Halloween readers!

Halloween, one of my favorite man-made holidays. During October, I celebrate Halloween from the 1st until the day itself.

2014-10-31 196744634080924741790..jpg
2014 Supergirl


2016 Pirate


2017-10-22 006366087315913021167..jpg
2017 Red Riding Hood

2015-10-31 213229888549817150350..jpg
2015 Batgirl

2015-10-30 121021061209855027252..jpgwp-image5440439269412303908.jpg

As you can tell, I have a specific shirt I wear to work for Halloween each year. Something that is business appropriate when I’m not allowed to wear costumes.


So, my Halloween seasons consists of watching every scary movie possible, buying and eating candy, trying to make Halloween plans that normally fall through, and showing up one of my friends Halloween house parties. Although Halloween is my favorite holiday, I’ve still yet to master making the right plans. Hopefully, I can do something different next year.

Well, Happy Halloween everyone, enjoy the day, and the scary movie marathons.


2018 Flight Attendant





Getting to Know Me

Happy Wednesday readers,

Today I wanted to introduce you to my all time favorite book that made me want to read. I used to read as a kid, I recently posted a getting to know me regarding my favorite childhood books. While I was younger I read all of the time, but due to frustrating reading quirks, I stopped reading altogether. But, Bruises, by Anke de Vries was the one book that pulled me out of my reading slump. My fifth-grade librarian introduced me to the book, telling me that I wouldn’t find another book like it. And I have to tell you she was right. Although it has been years since I’ve read Bruises, I have yet to forget it. I might not remember the smaller details, but the basic storyline is engraved into my mind.  Still holding a special place in my heart, I purchased it just so I could pull it out whenever I’d like to flip back through those pages.

Bruises by Anke de Vries

– An American Library Association Best Book for Young Adults and a New York Public Library Best Book for the Teen Age- A frank and moving story of abuse within a family in crisis



Get to Know Me Wednesday

Happy Wednesday readers

This week I’d like to share some of my favorite childhood books with you.

Tar Beach

Tar Beach by Faith Ringgold

Illus. in full color. “Ringgold recounts the dream adventure of eight-year-old Cassie Louise Lightfoot, who flies above her apartment-building rooftop, the ‘tar beach’ of the title, looking down on 1939 Harlem. Part autobiographical, part fictional, this allegorical tale sparkles with symbolic and historical references central to African-American culture. The spectacular artwork resonates with color and texture. Children will delight in the universal dream of mastering one’s world by flying over it. A practical and stunningly beautiful book.”–(starred) Horn Book.


Tar Beach was by far my favorite childhood book of all time. I think what drew me to it was the fact that it was a young black girl looking at her life. I don’t think I’d ever seen anything like that at my age, and it was nice to see someone like me in a book.

Pickle Things

Pickle Things by Marc Brown

Yeah, I know it sounds like a strange title, but I loved this book as a kid. It was funny, and weird, and had pickles in it so for me, it was fascinating. My mom used always mentioned that I would continuously read and reread Pickle Things, and how the book tickled me so. It is a cute silly children’s book about all the things pickles aren’t, and helps with the imagination, think what the world would be like with pickle everything.


What kind of childhood books do you guys read, any of them as strange or influential as my books?


Well, until next time readers, be sure to Read THS!

Getting to Know Me Wednesdays

Hey there THS readers,

For some time I have been contemplating what to post on Wednesdays. I used to use Wednesdays as my update days but soon found that it was either repetitive, or I really didn’t have much to update about my current reads. So, I have reached my happy medium, a weekly or bi-weekly (because I haven’t fully decided) get to know me post.

The first official get to know me post.

Why I started a book blog?

Well, I have been reading for years, and I thought it would be nice to share my opinions and thoughts with other fellow readers. I have been watching booktube for some time and joined Goodreads in 2016 and thought this would be the next best step.

I initially started my blog with the intentions of having some of my reader friends helping with the content. Alas with everyone’s busy schedules it was difficult for anyone to post an update on a constant basis so, I decided to take over and try my best to post on a continuous basis which brings us to today.  I know I’m not perfect at this blogging thing, but it’s nice to be able to read posts from others while being able to share the stories I’m reading and when I get around to them posting my reviews.

So, what brought you all to WordPress, and the book blogging community? My answer is straightforward, I like to read, and I wanted to be able to share my opinions on the books I came across.

Until next time, be sure to Read THS!