Review: See Me by Michele Arris

See Me by Michele Arris

Release Date: May 2020
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Genre: Multicultural Romance, Interracial Romance, Contemporary Romance
Format: E-book
Length: 299 pages



While the storyline revolved around Trenton and Kennedi I was more drawn to the backstory of Kennedi and her father. So many tears were shed while reading, the constant ups and downs, drama, and the many parties that continued to poke their heads into the storyline kept me hooked.

Kennedi Avery Chase gave me so many frustrating moments, from the immediate jumping to conclusions, to the moments of being closed off, to purposefully choosing not to listen but just be heard. I saw myself wanting to understand Kennedi’s thoughts but also finding myself annoyed that she allowed her friends to constantly persuade her of what she was feeling. We as humans know our wants, and gut instincts, so why continue to allow the negative narrative to be spread? It may not have helped the fact that she would provide information without any backing, and allow small moments to become a big argument. Not saying that Trenton was an angel nor in the right at all times, but the characteristics of the two made this storyline a bit more believable. How many times do we see our friends or ourselves going through the motions of a relationship, where the highs are high and the lows are low but you still hold out for the sake of truly carrying for a person? I was happy to see the growth the Kennedi made, but I felt there could’ve been so much more, I’m hoping to hear about some of it in the next installment.

Trenton…dear old Trenton. I don’t want to say that drama follows him wherever he goes, but sir, every time we turned our heads someone was coming out from his side to shake things up. While many of the situations could’ve been avoided by simply speaking his truth, at times I understood his reservations. Mr. Man needed to mN up and take the plunge all of the way. Yes, he did more than enough to reassure Kennedi and showed her time and time again that he was there for her and not just the sexy times. Should he have been completely open from the beginning, more than likely, but who opens up about their mistakes right away? And once he was ready to have those conversations, life for them kept happening, are these excuses no, but just fruit for thought. In the end, it was nice to see the openness Trenton provided, while he never hid his feelings towards Kennedi he did have to step outside of himself and his situation to think of their future.

Now, let’s talk about the ending…checking my page number and feeling so many things were left to be completed gave me a slight panic. While I’m glad things were wrapped up, I feel like we could’ve used more pages just to have a smoother landing. There could’ve been a whole chapter around the discussion of the baby, and his ex being a complete asshole. I would’ve liked to hear the discussion between the two after the counseling sessions, maybe Trenton could’ve learned something that could help him and Kennedi in the future, or even show his growth in moving past the infidelity. Either way, I would’ve liked to see more insight into these required counseling sessions…at the end of the day, I am nosey.

I am interested to see how the next two installments carry on the relationships that are built and building. I am assuming that the remaining characters are all going to hook up in some way, let’s see how this goes.

On to the next, be sure to READ THS!


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