Weekly Wrap-Up

The end of a decent reading week, I was able to get through 2 books, although the last book left me with mixed emotions I think I’m going to read the next book in the series.

Title: Chosen by the Vampire (Book 1)

By: Atlas Rose


They’re sinful.



More dangerous than the Wolves who hunt us in the woods.

Three Vampires rule our world.

We call them the Sinful.

And now I find myself in their clutches.

Abducted in the dead of night, I’m taken to a market in another town.

A market where eleven others like me are paraded in front of the Sinful and taken to a castle in the middle of the woods.

They want us to compete for their attention, to be selected for their bed.

Only I came with a secret of my own. They are the monsters I hate…the monsters who killed my family eleven long years go.

And now I want revenge.


Title: Chosen by the Vampire (Book 2)

By: Atlas Rose


I’m a pawn in their deadly game.

A toy. A temptation.

They want the one mortal beside them on the thrones…and one in their beds.

Three Vampires played with us, they dress us up and parade us in front of unsuspecting victims.

Men who have come to this place under the guise of a masquerade ball to dance and find love.

Only that’s not why we’re here.

We’re to seduce those men, and obey the fanged monsters in the dark.

Sex is their power.

Lust their weapon of choice.

I need to become a beast like them to win…to survive…and to be chosen.


What books were you able to read for last week, anything exciting and new or are you trying to get through your tbr list?

Until next time readers, be sure to Read THS!

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