Rise of a Luna

Rise of Luna

Rise of a Luna by Irtania Adrien

Release Date: February 2019

Genre: Shifter Romance

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2 gold stars


This is the sequel to His Mate and His Mistress.

In this story, we get an insight on why Adelina is being blamed by her sisters Wilma and Wanda and and her ex best friend Clarissa.

Adelina also learns what it means to be a Luna, a fighter, and to take chances, to open up, as well as make difficult decisions.

This story is filled with redemption, forgiveness, love, and tears.

Its an emotional rollercoaster you don’t want to miss.



After completing the first book of this duology, I wanted to see how the story would end. Similar to His Mate and His Mistress, the grammar issues continued throughout. The grammar being nothing but irritating background noise is not the reason behind the two-star score.

Adelina and Demitrey’s relationship is brought to an end, and I was not thrilled. Although the author tries their best to explain the reasoning behind Demitrey treating his one and only mate the way he had, due to his upbringing, that did not excuse the physical and mental abuse Adelina had to endure. If anything, I was hoping that the outcome would have been a little different, maybe with Adelina saying no and choosing herself over him or perhaps giving the relationship much more time. Although I have no experience in this type of incident, I don’t understand how Adelina could forgive Demitrey for all that he did, granted she did have her own inner battles.

The storyline in this book itself kept me confused, and at times the actions were very eye-roll worthy. There were so many twists and turns, and at every corner, the twists came from there was always one person responsible for the other characters’ reactions, Adelina. After some time, it became very repetitive that every bad guy was after Adelina, looking to kill her because she was who she was, or they wanted to keep her for themselves.

Due to so many unanswered questions in book one, I had to continue the story. I admit that I did get the answers, but the ending left an okay taste in my mouth.

I did initially find this book on the Dreame reading app, and after research, I saw the book was initially on Wattpad. I will say that I am glad the author was able to bring their work to life and offer it up to the reading community, I just wish the author would take another look at the duology and make the necessary adjustments.


So, what do you think? Would you give this story a shot, or does the idea of Demitrey and Adelina’s relationship seem like too much? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time, be sure to Read THS!

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