2020 Bookish Goals

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you’ve all had a fantastic closing of 2019, and excited about the start of a new year and decade. When I look back on my previous 2019 goals, I realize I honestly did not give 2019 my all aside from accomplishing my reading goal of 100 books. This year, I want to push myself to stay on top of my blogs, something I really love, pushing out more content so that I may share all of the stories I’ve read and hope to read. So here’s to a new year and a start at something even more magnificent!

Bookish 2020 goals;

  • Read 125 books
  • Read 5 physical books
  • Read 1 History Book
  • Read 1 Business Book
  • Read 5 Mystery/Thrillers
  • Complete series previously started
  • Post book reviews every Tuesday and Thursday
  • Complete all books in my reading tab on Goodreads
  • Write reviews on books already completed and post reviews of books completed in 2020.

Wow, now that is a lot that I am trying to keep up with. Luckily I have a planner that I hope will help me in keeping everything straight. One thing I did not mention was that I am really pushing to be more productive by not procrastinating.

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