His Mate and Mistress

His Mate and His Mistress

His Mate and Mistress by Irtania Adrien

Release Date: First released in 2017, released on Amazon May 2018

E-book/Audio Books: 558/8hrs. 52 mins.

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2 Stars


Alpha Demitrey Jackson felt on top of the world. He was Alpha of one of the Largest wolf Packs In North America, he was wealthy, and had a beautiful mistress. Yes, a mistress, not a mate, he never wanted one. No one knew why, yet no one questioned his decision. When a smaller pack was being threatened by rogues, he was asked to help, and so a peace treaty was signed through a marriage between him and the youngest daughter of the alpha of the silent moon pack, but who knew that she was his destined mate?

Adelina Veraso dreamed of the day her mate would sweep her off her feet, take her in his warm embrace, shower her with hugs and kisses, and love her for who she was. But she never expected him to be a cold ass hole who loathed and insulted her, made love to his mistress instead of her, who treated her as though she was some animal, yet treated his mistress as though she was a queen. He allowed no other male to approach her, but his mistress gets to saunter around with whomever she pleases. And she hated the way he played with her heart, toyed with her feelings, and teased her body whenever he felt like degrading her.

Demitrey is stuck with Adelina, but he wants nothing to do with her. So why can’t he take her out of his mind? Why can’t he stay out of her bed at night? Why does he get jealous when another male approach her? And why Oh why can’t he let her go?

Join Adelina as she experiences a roller-coaster of emotions, tears, romance, heartbreak, and maybe love, and join Demitrey as he withstand a battle within himself when it comes to Adelina.

*This book does have a sequel which is posted for FREE on wattpad, and is called “His Mate and His Mistress: The Rise of a Luna”. Thank you for your support!



So, here we go.

I read this book through the Dreama app, where you use coins to continue reading a story. (This is not an advertisement, I was suckered in via Facebook.)

Warning, because I read this book on the dreame app, I may have a later version before any corrections were made, hopefully.

The overall rating is due to the grammatical errors found throughout the book, every page, to be exact. I really do think that the author should go back over everything and read it out loud, or at least request readers that would look for grammatical errors, I would honestly do it for free. The grammatical errors really get in the way of the plot, mixing up some characters in places, and not having the appropriate words becomes very frustrating. So the overall 2/5 star ratings will stand until the book has been edited.

The Storyline

The overall storyline was acceptable. I did continue reading since I wanted to know how the story would turn out. Fair warning, there is a massive cliffhanger at the end of the Grand Cayon sized cliffhanger.

Adelina has so much growing to do when we first meet her, and throughout the story, she slowly, in a snail-like fashion, learns that she does not deserve the treatment she is receiving from her “mate” Demitrey (horrible guy). Adelina appears to be very mature at times, then at others, she seems childlike, complaining about her circumstances rather than fighting to get herself out.

Demitrey has his own demons that he needs to conquer, and I understand that at times, we have shitty upbringings, but what he does to his mate is not called for. I believe he could’ve simply told her he didn’t want her, had her agree and be stalkerish from afar until all problems were solved. We do have chapters reading from Demitrey’s viewpoint. In the beginning, I was bewildered, because he did seem like a complete asshole, of course, the author tried to explain his behavior, but his actions spoke louder than words, sorry no sorry.

Honestly, the entire time Adelina is having her inner turmoil about this guy really pissed me off. I don’t care if he was her mate, being treated like shit because of safety measures is never okay.

Well, as said before, the grammatical errors brought this book down, and Demitrey didn’t help the scoring what-so-ever. I know that the last part is purely due to my feelings, but hey, it is a review.

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