Redemption of the Heart by Moni Boyce

Redemption of the Heart

 Redemption of the Heart by Moni Boyce

Release Date: January 8, 2019

E-book/Audio Book: 510/ N/A

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5 star rating



After surviving an abusive relationship that landed her in prison, Gemma Peyton, just wants a fresh start once she is released. Her focus is to create a new life for herself and put men and relationships on the back burner so she can rebuild.

Alex Chambers hasn’t felt anything for another woman since his wife died a few years ago. His life is his restaurant until the moment he meets his new waitress. Something stirs within him that’s been dormant for a long time.

Despite the baggage each of them is carrying, neither of them can fight the attraction they feel for one another, even though they try to resist. As they fall harder and deeper in love a shocking incident from their past that they unknowingly share, threatens to tear their newfound love apart.

Once the truth is revealed, will their relationship be able to survive? Or will the revelation shatter the love that’s grown between them?



Alex and Gemma. I am not sure where I want to start this review. I guess I would first like to say that I am in love with these two. Gemma has had a rough life, and it’s great to see a woman not allow her past to ruin her future. Did Gemma have moments of self-doubt, yes, but don’t we all? Gemma was my beacon of hope in this story, I enjoyed seeing the transformation Alex took with his own issues, but Gemma was the star of this story. It is difficult for me not to love a strong-willed woman who doesn’t allow anything, even herself, to stand in the way of what she wants and needs in her life. For that, I have to applaud Gemma for being everything I see myself as, even though we have completely different backgrounds.

Now, on to Alex, our Alex. He is a heartthrob. Masculine, intelligent, hardworking and he loves cooking so much so that he owns his own restaurant? Yes, please! Although Alex is Gemma’s night in shining armor, I always love seeing a man in a vulnerable state where they put their emotions on the line and fight for what and who they love. I would have loved to see a little more of Alex’s history with his ex-wife. I also understand why we didn’t get as much information, it would have maybe left the story lopsided, with only the knowledge or flashbacks of Alex and Sam and little of Gemma and her ex-husband (he who shall not be named).

Some may say the story moved a little quickly, but as adults, we know when we’ve found someone we didn’t even know we were looking for. The pace was good, simple and not next day romance, but something that did build over time. This relationship moved like any other, and I felt as though I was experiencing every emotion with them.

I would love to see where these two end up later down the line. I have an issue with letting go of a storyline when I have fallen so deeply in love with the characters. Moni Boyce was able to capture the humanity in each character written and I am so happy I decided to pick this book out of the thousands in my Kindle library. Moni Boyce has gained a new follower and reader.

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