Physical books vs. E-Books

One of the most asked questions in the book community, physical books, or e-books?

Personally, I enjoy both, there is nothing like picking up a physical book and having that book smell when you turn the pages, falling further and further into a word of wonder. When the first Kindle came out, I was against reading on the little device, I felt that it was pointless to have a small tablet that looked like a book, without turning its pages. I thought that the books being electronic took away from the experience of reading, it turns out I just don’t like when people try to force me to change my ways. 

Since the start of the electronic book era, I have been sucked into the automatic access to all the books I could ever dream of. Now, I read almost all of my books on my Kindle or using my Kindle app on my phone. It is so easy to open up the app than to load all of the books I’m currently reading into my bag, having to pull them out and be interrupted while reading.

Although I find myself reading e-books, any time I come across a book that I really enjoyed, I try to support that author as much as I can by purchasing the books audiobook if available and buying the physical books to put up on my shelves. Now, don’t think just because I enjoy reading my books on my Kindle that I don’t still walk bookstores touching every book possible. I always enjoy doing some window shopping, which usually results in me purchasing books that I want to read, and those books end up on my shelf continually begging to be read.

I will have to put together a book haul for you guys. Although most of my hauls are done on my phone via free downloads from Bookbub, Book Funnel, and many other newsletters and sources with affordable books, I feel like I owe you guys some tips and tricks into finding new authors and falling in love with all of the book deals.

Well gang, until next time be sure to Read THS!

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