Black Friday Deals

If you are like me, you want to avoid the stores today. So I am here to give you some Black Friday deals on some of the best gifts we can buy ourselves, BOOKS!

Amazon, Black Friday deals;

Amazon, like usual is always updating their deals, normally on a daily basis. Well, the same goes for the Kindle books, every day Amazon will be updating their site to bring us new books for us to sink our teeth into while emptying our pockets.

Barnes & Noble,  Black Friday Weekend Preview;

Barnes & Noble tells you to bookmark their page; hopefully, this means the sales are worth the wait. They will be honoring Black Friday sales both online and instore, now the days/hours do vary so keep that in mind. Online shopping days are November 22nd – 25th, while the instore days are November 23rd – 25th. Now, just glancing at their page, a 50% savings on the selected categories is just wrong, now I can buy everything I want and save half on the item and then I’ll end up purchasing more.

Kobo, Black Friday Kobo;

This year on Kobo e-books are $4.99 and under showing up to 90% off original prices, is that a deal or what? It appears e-books aren’t the only ones on sale, audiobooks are showing to be $5 and below as well, better stock up while you can.

Well fellow readers, I hope this post helped to narrow down your Black Friday shopping until next time be sure to Read THS!


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