Day 25 of Writing Challenge

Prompt: You are at the end of your book, the last chapter is done, and you can finally breathe easy.

Blurb:  I type out my final two words of my very first novel, The End, and I can’t help but to smile and get a little emotional. I’d finally done it. I finally made my dreams come true and wrote a book, one that I’d been working on for the longest time ever but I’m now done. It is surreal, and I push back from my desk and head towards the kitchen this moment requires a toast, although I’m by myself a little celebration wouldn’t hurt.

I reach the kitchen and pull my favorite red wine out of the fridge, I take out my favorite wine glass that just so happens to hold an entire bottle at a time. I pour my glass and inhale the sweet aroma of the wine as it fills the air around me, and take a large gulp. Walking back into my living room I sit on the couch and pull my feet underneath me sighing and resting my head on the back of the sofa.  Out of nowhere, there’s a blaring noise, I look around trying to find the source but come up empty as I glance around. Getting up from my spot, I walked around my apartment from room to room to see that freaking beeping noise.

Slowly I start to feel all hazy and like I was having an out of body experience. Slowly Everything went black, and I opened my eyes. Confused I sat up and rub the back of my neck where it was sore and stiff as well as my legs, that was tingling from being asleep. As I sit up in my chair, I look at my laptop and see the cursor blinking after the last thing I’d typed, and it wasn’t The End.

Isn’t that frightening, can you imagine finishing your story, or blog post and waking up to find that it was nothing but a dream. The happiness and peace that you felt when you typed out those final words were just a figment of your imagination? I wouldn’t wish such a thing on my worst enemy. Well, thanks for stopping by be sure to leave your thoughts, and your take on finishing up a very important project of yours. Until next time, be sure to Read THS!

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