Day 19 of Writing Challenge

Prompt: You’re driving home from work after a long day, instead of pulling up outside of your house, you wind up in front of an abandoned building.


Listening to my relaxation playlist as I head home from work has my mind at ease, and has my body relaxing. As I listen to H.E.R. soothing melody I find myself getting off the freeway an exit before my normal route, and I find myself meandering through the back roads. As I let the music take over my thoughts and wash out the remaining issues from work, I allow the music to fully take control of my feelings and mood. Before I notice what turns I have made and how far off course I’d gotten, my car stops outside a red-bricked building with boarded up windows. How I had gotten here I had no clue, but the area seemed vaguely familiar, I’m not sure if everyone experienced deja vu like I did, but there was always an eerie feeling when an image was somehow coming back to me like I’d been in that same location and situation before.

How did I wind up here, and why do I feel so calm in this area, I see no car lights anywhere and every other street light is out. I don’t think the city comes around to collect the trash either as all of it is thrown all over the ground forming man-made tumbleweeds. Why am I here?

Have you guys ever done this? Maybe you haven’t ended up in front of an abandoned building but maybe you took a wrong turn, missed your exit or just let your car drive you to an unknown desired destination? I know I have had days like this, I was running on fumes and somehow would miss my exit or end up at the grocery store not really knowing why I’d stopped in the first place.

Well, readers, I hope you enjoyed today’s writing challenge be sure to check back tomorrow.

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