Day 4 of Writing Challenge

Prompt:  Describe a wedding from three different points of view.

Blurb – 

Lily: Lily stared at her reflection in the mirror. Her curly hair was pulled up and out of her face in a cute updo. Today is the day, my big day the day that is supposed to be my happiest ever in the history of Lily Michales. But, I felt so dull, my dress was gorgeous, my make-up amazing, and my hair pulled in all the right ways, but I didn’t feel present.

Groom: Finishing up my last pool game, I take my stick and lean it against the bar. I need another shot before its time to go downstairs. I don’t know why but I am suddenly nervous, not nervous to get married, Lily is fantastic, but what if this whole marriage thing ruins our relationship? People are always claiming how marriage destroys relationships, somehow people change, but I want us to work, I know we can get through it all.

Stranger: Well, I have hit my all-time low, it’s just turned 5, and I’m already three drinks in at one of the bars downtown. Closing out my tab I walked out into the fresh air, the smell of autumn hitting my nostrils as I tried to clear my mind. Without realizing it, I began to walk across the street, where a large park stretched out with winding paths entwining within the trees. Taking one of the tracks, I let my mind wander back to that day 5 years ago. As I continued to replay days over and over again in my mind, I came across a bench being occupied by someone wearing a wedding dress, and in tears. “Hey, are you okay?”

Thanks for keeping up with my writing challenge, make sure to stop by and continue to Read THS. 

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