Hey there TH*S readers! 

I wanted to remind you guys of my September 30 Day Writing Prompt Challenge, that will naturally begin on September 1st. Below I have the rules, I’ll be sure to post the prompts first thing in the morning so that you all will have the remainder of the day to write and share if you so, please.


Write at least 250 words, mainly the opening paragraph. Of course, you can write more, but I like to keep things open and fresh for future references.
Add in an important detail, a favorite name, a favorite flower, something that you’ll always remember about that opening.
Starts September 1, 2108, ends September 30, 2018, but feel free to continue, take a break, or start over again at any time.
Take 5 minutes out of the day to let your imagination go wild. Five minutes may seem like the smallest amount of time in the world, but I have noticed that every little time gets me a step closer to finishing my story. And although I more than likely go over that five minute break time, I make sure to add something if only a couple of sentences because I am working towards my goal.
Share. Don’t be afraid to share where the prompt took you. I will try my best to attach my own blurb so that you all see that I am participating alongside with you all.

Until next time, Read THS!

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