31 Day Writing Challenge by Cydney

Hey there TH*S readers! 

Today marks the last day of the month, normally I don’t post on Thursdays but I wanted to give you all this info before I actually kicked off my first ever 31-day writing challenge, which will start July 2018. I wanted to do this with you guys and share my way of creativity, hoping that it would come in handy one day. I have looked at many Pinterest boards, Blog Pages, and google pictures of different writing prompts, but the result only give you lists to follow along with on a daily basis. I wanted to bring you guys 31 days of writing prompts that could help you when you’re stuck in a hard place in your stories, or if you are just starting to journal.


  • Write at least 250 words, mainly the opening paragraph. Of course you can write more, but I like to keep things open and fresh for future references.
  • Add in an important detail, a favorite name, a favorite flower, something that you’ll always remember about that opening.
  • Starts July 1, 2108, ends July 31, 2018 but feel free to continue, take a break, or start over again at any time.
  • Take 5 minutes out of the day to let your imagination go wild. Five minutes may seem like the smallest amount of time in the world, but I have noticed that every little time gets me a step closer to finishing my story. And although I more than likely go over that five minute break time, I make sure to add something if only a couple of sentences because I am working towards my goal.
  • Share. Don’t be afraid to share where the prompt took you. I will try my best to attach my own blurb, so that you all see that I am participating alongside with you all.

I hope that you all will join me on this writing prompt challenge of mine. Plus, the way I see it, the more open ideas available the better off you’ll be when writing. If you ever need to pull from one of the prompts for ideas, a plot twist, or you want to take it and completely flip what you’ve already written and add it into your work, than you have a journal of ideas just waiting to be used. I will be re-posting, and reminding you guys about the challenge, so stay tuned.

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