One Shade of Gray Review

One Shade of Grey by Monica Corwin

Published: October 2017 Genre: Romance, Gothic Romance, Literature Fiction

E-book, 219 pages

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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This book is based off of a tall telling of The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde, which was originally  in June of 1890 apart of the Philosophical Fiction genre. When the book was first published it brought on a lot of negativity as far as rumors on the character Dorian being of terrible immoral character as well as a bad influence and somewhat corrupting. Now, I personally have not read the original, but after doing some research I think I will take a chance and see what all of the fuss was about.

Back to the present, Monica Corwin, being a fan of the original telling wanted to put her own spin on the scandalous book, and bring into the new age. I personally found Dorian very difficult to not like. He automatically appeared as the good guy just wanting a chance with a woman, and how often does that not happen in real life? I enjoyed Dorian his mannerisms were a little old school, (which makes sense) but who doesn’t want to be treated respectfully and pampered? On to Sybil, I mean Izzy. Izzy sounded like an everyday working woman, out trying to accomplish things and not get blisters. Corwin wrote Izzy in a very relative manner, I could see myself responding to Dorian’s advances, and I could also agree with her actions and train of thought. The steam between Dorian and Izzy was palpable and I just couldn’t put my phone down, always a difficult thing to do when you’re at work.

Monica Corwin did a good job on this rendition, so much so I have added the original to my tbr list. I may be reading a couple more of Corwins’ standalone books, she may have just gained a new follower.

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